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Open All Year! • Walking & Culinary Tours Available Rain or Shine!

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Create Your Own Tour (Day and Time)
You found us on the Internet and looked at our website.  You want to book a tour, but our times don't quite fit your vacation schedule.  We get it!  We're in the hospitality business. So, we take fun seriously.  That's why we developed 'FlexTour' to ensure you have a successful vacation experience.  Let us know what time meets your schedule and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
Online reservations do not necessarily work well for us - and you.  By interacting with our customers, we can often make changes to our schedule to best fit in with your schedule.  We understand that you are trying to pack in as many activities possible into your vacation or weekend.
  • You are vacationing with another couple.  You are early risers.  They prefer to sleep in.  You've discovered our Early Risers Tour is the perfect way for you to enjoy a meditative ride down the Beaufort waterfront.  But the tour is scheuled for 8 a.m.  We may be able to schedule that tour at 9 a.m. or later.
  • Our Legends & Lore of the Sea tour sounds like fun (and it is)!  You have a dinner reservation at 6:30 p.m. and the tour is scheduled for 6 p.m.  You have time to take the tour at 4 p.m. before dinner.  We may be able to accommodate you.
Here's a couple of examples how our FlexTour works for you...
We experimented with this concept this summer.  We have been able to accommodate 99% of our customer requests.  Maybe that's why Hungry Town Tours is the #1 Activity in Beaufort and on the Crystal Coast on TripAdvisor.  We understand and want to make your vacation experience an enjoyable one that you will remember.
Get started on planning now.  Click here for the schedule and give us a call!
Create Your Own Tour Details
Days & Times:
Age Requirement:
Additional flexibilty depending on tour selected.
Available any day, any time.
Hungry Town Tours is limited to a maximum of eight (8) participants on bike tours 
and fifteen (15) participants on a walking tours.  
We can accommodate up to two (2) groups of participants at one time on our 
walking tours for a total of thirty (30) people.
Telephone Reservations Available 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST
Questions?  Give us a call at 252.648.1011
Please note:
Family tours are welcome!  We can do a private tour with children younger than 
12 yrs. old.  Call for details!
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Historic Beaufort Walking Tour with Hungry Town Tours (Photo by Betsy Cartier)
Historic Beaufort Walking Tour with Hungry Town Tours (Photo by Betsy Cartier)
Historic Beaufort Walking Tour with Hungry Town Tours (Photo by Betsy Cartier)
Historic Beaufort Walking Tour with Hungry Town Tours (Photo by Betsy Cartier)
Historic Beaufort Walking Tour with Hungry Town Tours (Photo by Betsy Cartier)
My wife and I have have frequented Beaufort several times before, 
but we learned so much during the historic bike tour. 
It was my wife's favorite part of the trip.
— Complex Magazine
Hungry Town (Bike) Tours lets you cruise the streets of Beaufort like you were a kid again.
Time varies on tours. Let us know when you want to go.
$20- $69  per person, inclusive.
Downtown Beaufort, NC, Historic District, and waterfront.
Most tours have no minimum number of participants.
Single tours welcome.  Food Tours require two persons.  Specialty food tours require four persons.
— TripAdvisor customer

Hungry Town Tours | 400 Front Street | Beaufort, North Carolina  28516 | 252.648.1011 | email:

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