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““Love is a wonderful thing. It makes life worthwhile.” - The Choice, Movie
A Ride to Remember features places in Beaufort that were inspired by Nicholas Sparks and referenced in his books, "The Choice" 
and "A Walk to Remember."  The tour serves as a memorable way for people to get to know Beaufort, as visitors take in the unique setting for the story of each novel.
Beaufort is the North Carolina coastal town that is the setting for Nicholas Sparks novel "The Choice."  
The inspiration for the novel, "The Choice."

''The original inspiration was to tell a new story that was somehow reminiscent of The Notebook. Like, The Notebook, it's a two part story that shows the power of enduring love."
A Ride to Remember 
Avid readers of Nicholas Sparks know how important the locations are to his books and it’s the coastal North Carolina location he chooses for most of his settings in the novels. Visitors will discover the beauty of Beaufort that Nicholas Sparks so eloquently describes in his novels.
Beaufort Historic District...  
"It was a pretty place, especially the historic district". On a day like today, with temperatures perfect for strolling, Beaufort resembled what she (Gabby) imagined Savannah to be in the first century of its existence."
Beaufort Waterfront Docks...  
"Slips were occupied by leisure and working boats of every shape and size; a magnificent yacht worth millions might be docked next to a small crab boat on one side with a lovely maintained sailboat on the other."
The Intracoastal Waterway...
"Beaufort - was just across the bridge that spanned the Intracoastal Waterway... the short distance (from Morehead City) was just enough to make this town feel isolated, like most of the towns down east, which was what the locals called this part of the state.”
The movie adaptation of 'The Choice" stars 
Ben Walker and Theresa Palmer 
Learn more about Nicholas Sparks...
About Nicholas Sparks...
Here are a few quotes you may remember as mentioned in the novel "The Choice"…
Learn about the Nicholas Sparks Foundation at
The Nicholas Sparks Foundation is a non-profit educational organization that increases access to innovative global learning for young people around the country.
Support the Nicholas Sparks Foundation by purchasing the novels 
The Choice and A Walk to Remember.  We have a limited number of signed copies of the books.
Nicholas Sparks Foundation Tee Shirts are available at Hungry Town Tours.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 10 a.m.
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday – 4 p.m. 
The Choice Tour Package

$70 per person, includes the tour with local guide, bottle of water and taxes. Bike rental is included.  You'll receive the softcover book The Choice signed by Nicholas Sparks. 

A Walk to Remember Tour Package

$70 per person, includes the tour with local guide, bottle of water and taxes. Bike rental is included. You'll receive the softcover book A Walk to Remember signed by Nicholas Sparks.

The movie premiered in theaters nationwide on February 5, 2016.
Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation 
of "The Choice"
"For the most part, the film tells a story that appeared in the novel.  However, because film and novels are two entirely different mediums, there are always going to be differences between the novel and the film."
Nicholas Sparks with Hungry Town Tours co-owner, Betsy Cartier at an event for the Nicholas Sparks Foundation in New Bern, North Carolina.
Photo by Brad Styron
We are thrilled to be working in partnership with the Nicholas Sparks Foundation on this endeavor and hopes to help spread the word about the organization and the wonderful things they are doing.
The story behind 
A Ride to Remember 
You've read the book.  You're seen the movie.  Now, you can ride through the seaport town that became the setting for the novel "The Choice" by best-selling New York Times author Nicholas Sparks.
"I hope viewers are struck by the wonderful chemistry between Ben Walker and Theresa Palmer. In many ways, they remind of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams."
Beaufort's gazebo at Grayden Paul Park, overlooking Taylor's Creek
Beaufort, North Carolina
Purchase a signed novel and support 
the Nicholas Sparks Foundation
100% of the proceeds from the books go directly to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation.
Learn more about "The Choice"...
Photo by Betsy Cartier
Inspired by Best-selling New York Times author Nicholas Sparks
A Ride to Remember Tour Details
Days & Times:
1 to 1.5 hour tour.
Downtown Beaufort, NC, Historic District and waterfront.
A Ride to Remember is limited to a maximum of eight (8) participants, allowing for 
a more intimate and manageable group that offers you maximum enjoyment.
Image Gallery - Click images below to enlarge.
Available Year-Round.
A Ride to Remember with Hungry Town Tours inspired by Nicholas Sparks (Photo by Betsy Cartier).
A Ride to Remember with Hungry Town Tours inspired  by Nicholas Sparks (Photo by Betsy Cartier).
A Ride to Remember with Hungry Town Tours inspired by Nicholas Sparks (Photo by Betsy Cartier).
A Ride to Remember with Hungry Town Tours inspired by Nicholas Sparks (Photo by Betsy Cartier).
A Ride to Remember with Hungry Town Tours inspired by Nicholas Sparks (Photo y Betsy Cartier).
This was our first visit to this beautiful picturesque town. My family 
and I chose A Ride To Remember Tour. We are avid Nicholas Sparks fans, 
and this tour was the perfect choice for us.
— Redbook magazine
You'll step straight into a Nicholas Sparks novel when you walk 
through this town, and we don't mean that figuratively. The quaint area 
is the setting to several of the romance authors' novels, including A Walk to Remember and The Choice.
Call today for Advance Reservations or Questions! 
252-648-1011         7 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST
$20 per person, inclusive.  Tour Packages Available.
Age Requirement:
15 yrs. old & up (teenagers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and be able to ride our adult-size bikes).
Includes local guide, bottle of water, taxes, and bike rental.
Please note:
Family tours are welcome!  We can do a private tour with children younger than 
15 yrs. if they provide their own bicycle and helmet.  Call for details!
Prefer a different day or time? Use Create a Tour option.
Show your support for the Nicholas Sparks Foundation by purchasing exclusive beads and beautiful keepsake bracelets themed from several of Nicholas Sparks' novels.  
Available exclusively at:

Hearne’s Fine Jewelry
1331 McCarthy Blvd.
New Bern, NC

Browse the entire
Nicholas Sparks Foundation 
Jewelry Collection at:
The Official Nicholas Sparks Foundation
Jewelry Collection
Be sure to look at our Nicholas Sparks Collection bracelet on display at Hungry Town Tours Welcome Center.
No minimum number of participants.  Single tours welcome.
NEW The Choice Bead
To be released in 2016
We’re excited to have created a unique experience featuring the places in Beaufort that were inspired by Nicholas Sparks and referenced in his books that were set in our town.
We knew Beaufort was the North Carolina coastal setting for two of Nicholas Sparks novels, The Choice and A Walk to Remember.
We wanted to create a bicycle tour that would let people see for themselves the beauty he so eloquently describes in his novels.
I always tell people that Beaufort is a lifestyle and Nicholas Sparks nails it in his novel, The Choice.
After reading the books several times, I was able to identify many of the town locations that he referenced in the books.  Once the script was created, my husband, David, and I went to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation in New Bern to discuss our idea for a tour.
After we met with the Foundation, the 
director thought the tour was a great idea.  Through our discussion, we learned a lot about the Foundation and their efforts to promote global education. We thought it was a wonderful cause that we could help promote through our tour.
After a few months, A Ride to Remember was approved by the Foundation's and a working partnership was born!  We had their approval to promote the tour in October 2013.  In January 2014, we signed an agreement with the Nicholas Sparks Foundation.
As featured in 
About the
Nicholas Sparks Foundation
Dedicated to increasing access for all students, the Foundation particularly supports programs for underserved youth, providing a globally-focused college preparatory education that empowers them to flourish in our 21st century world.

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